Three amazing Astronomy books

by John Wilkinson

Book 1.   New Eyes on the Sun

A guide to satellite images and amateur observation

Published by Springer (published January 2012)    Cover image shown below:

Cover new eyes on the Sun book

Details:  ISBN 978-3-642-22838-4     Price: EUR  $34-95 approx.
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Book 2. Probing the New Solar System                                       

Author:  Dr John Wilkinson

Publisher:  CSIRO Publishing, PO Box 1139, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia 3066.


Book 1 can be ordered through bookshops or online at:   www.publish.csiro.au/pid/5922/htm

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ISBN 9780643095755             Price: AUD $24.95                     

Details about the book:
  • Probing the new solar system is the most up to date book about the solar system based on the 2006/2008 IAU definitions of what constitutes a planet, dwarf planet and plutoid.
  • The book draws heavily on recent 2009 data obtained from space probes and orbiting space telescopes.
  • Tables of data are provided on the most significant space probes to explore the solar system, the planets and their moons, dwarf planets and plutoids.
  • Newly discovered Trans Neptunian Objects, Scattered Disc and Oort Cloud objects and Exoplanets are also discussed. 
  • Written for amateur astronomers, science educators and the general public in a non-technical manner.
  • in full colour, 300 pages, Size:  230 x 155 mm

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Book 3:   The Moon in Close-up 

               a next generation astronomer's guide

                    (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)

Now published:  January 2011 /  also eBook available

Author:  Dr John Wilkinson              Publisher:  Springer

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ISBN:  978-3-642-14804-0                Price:  US$35 (Amazon.com), AUD$49 (Fishpond.com)

Australian distributor:  DADirect (go to online website)

Details about the book:

  • Contains the most up to date information (2010) about the Moon and its geology inc. lunar space probes. 
  • New information collected from USA, European, Japanese, Chinese and Indian lunar probes. 
  • Book is part of Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy series and is useful for amateur astronomers, science educators and the general public. A next generation astronomers guide. Especially useful for general public.
  • Book combines newly acquired scientific understanding with detailed descriptions and labelled photographic maps of the lunar surface. 
  • Colour photographs of the Moon.
  • Observational techniques clearly explained.
  • Helpful glossary or terms and Index.

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